an example of one of Coach Ilg’s  Kaqun oxygenated-water testing labs;  ski mountaineering workout at about 11,500′ in the 

San Juan Mountains. Ilg reports, “…training and racing at these altitudes for most of my life has allowed me to really feel authentic

differences in supplements and with Kaqun,  i feel so much more empowered up in these lofty heights…”  


I’ve been using the Kaqun (pronounced, cocoon) water from BodyHealth for 5 months and to me, this oxygenated water it feels like i’ve draped my tissues with some sort of cellular oxygen mask and my Daddyhood energy, sport performances and overall, wholistic health and fitness continues to benefit from this amazing water.  I love it.  I have my whole family on it.   Recently,  i felt so good mentally and physically that i got this hair-brained notion to bicycle over Coal Bank/Molas/Coal Bank passes – thats 16 miles of climbing steep mountain passes each of which is over 10,650′ high….in my BIG CHAIN RING!

Now, it takes a special sort of crazy – or is it wisdom? – to even entertain the idea of charging up those passes in such patella-busting huge gears!   Most cyclists my age put an extra inner chainring on their bikes to make it easier to pedal up hills….well, perhaps it’s the mitochondrial hypertrophy from drinking the Kaqun Water, or an enhanced efficiency at the phosphate level/Krebs Cycle (think ATP/CP) of muscle contraction due to the Kaqun water,  or perhaps it’s the fact that the organ which uses the most oxygen is the brain and i’m simply enjoying the benefits of a more amplified mental gumption.  i am remembering more complex sequencing while teaching my yoga classes which was, for a time before i got on the Kaqun water, becoming quite a challenge!




Coach Ilg taking aim at another one of his 9 podiums last winter across 5 different sports…Ilg writes us,” Our brains mop up the majority of incoming oxygen,
and in an endurance/mental skill sport like Nordic Biathlon,  Kaqun gives me a mental alacrity that translates into veracity, gumption, and superb focus while racing.”    


Life without oxygen is difficult, well, okay, impossible.  Oxygen deficiency in tissues (anoxia) is linked to increased free radical damage, poor nutrient transfer, and chronic disease.  I recall Dr. Stephen Levine in the 80’s pointing out that oxygen is like the positive terminal in a battery and the foods we eat are like the negative pole and electrons flow from the positive  to the negative.  Well oxygenated tissues are essential to protect this bioelectric current and fuel strong metabolic pathways.   If there is a decrease in oxygen in our system, there is less power to pull electrons  from the oxygen pole of our bioelectric current…therefore, it’s pretty vital to maintain a high level of oxygen in our tissues.  In polluted, stressful, high-positive ionic environments, and of course,  where i spend most of my time training and racing; high altitudes we kinda starve our tissues (and brains) of oxygen.  Drinking  what i call my “Special K Water” is like allowing my tissues to pull on a permanent oxygen mask; perhaps that is why i am vibrating so highly these days regardless of  a LOT of Outer Worldly stressors in my daily life.

Now, the ancient yogis realized an very instrumental part of oxygen which is more subtle.  They knew of 5 Elements;  Earth, Water, Fire, Air (oxygen), and Ether…they knew that wherever Air (or Oxygen) went, so too did the Ether.  Now the fascinating part is that the Ether is what carries the most powerful subtle force known to man;  Prana…known in other systems as Chi, Hara, Qi, et. al.   That is why us yogis spend vast amounts of time doing breathing exercises,  known as Pranayama.   Prana = Life Force.  Yama = means to Extend, Develop, Empower.    Sometimes i think drinking Kaqun Water is like doing Pranayama but it takes a less time and focus!    I know by Direct Experience that over the past months being on my Special K Water,  both my meditation and pranayama sessions have slipped faster and deeper into a much more relaxed alertness zone…same thing on the bike…this morning those excruciatingly steep, high altitude mountain passes – all 16 uphill miles of them,  floated by in a zen-like trance state more than ever before…and i was going faster than ever before at the age of 52!


Sometimes called, “Coach Chameleon” for his ability to perform at elite levels in what OUTSIDE Magazine said, “…more sports than most of us will ever even try,”   
Coach Ilg, author of TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION and THE OUTDOOR ATHLETE,  reports, “Within a couple of weeks of Kaqun water,  I noticed something very
powerful within my explosive efforts on the bike,  I feel that Kaqun may be supporting mitochondrial hypertrophy and/or something within the ATP/CP zone…even at the end of 
long races,  I’ve been hard to beat if it comes down to a final sprint, even against much younger, more specific cyclists.”    

The body as a crystalline energy field.
Dr. Gabriel Cousins believes that the fundamental mechanism by which the cell salt structured water are able to attract like ions has to do with the creation of an amplified crystalline resonant field by cell salt and structured water.  In a healthy state, our body’s structures are a multileveled series of interacting systems and subsystems which resonate harmoniously. Dis-ease happens when this synchronicity becomes disharmonious.   i’ve long enjoyed the sense that humans are a healing transmitter of vibrations.   Horses, Dolphins, Dogs, and chi-ldren are notoriously accurate when picking up on positive or negative ‘vibes’ from certain humans.  My 83 year-young mother is still tuned into picking up ‘vibes’ from people and passes it off as c(om)mon sense, which isn’t too common any more as more and more of us fall into lower and disjointed vibratory levels.   Studies done on the brain as well as the chakral fields show a sharp and rapid decrease in measurable electromagnetic fields when people watch TV or play video games.

Since i have trained and raced at super high altitude for most of my life,  i could tell immediately the impact upon my mental and physical spheres when i got on my Special K Water.  I just love the idea of taking in highly oxygenated water which helps reorganize and renew my electromagnetic field while enhancing the structure of my bodily fluids toward a more crystalline state.   People are precious gems and our most precious, powerful energy within us – the Kundalini – requires safe Awakening.  To me,  the gradual, ongoing raising of our subtle, organized energy fields requires the ramping up of our wholistic psychophysicality;  as in the pursuit of Wholistic Fitness®.   It’s funny that now, in my 52 year of life,  as my mastery of nutrition grows further and further away  from conventional ‘nutritional science’ as espoused by Western Nutritionists,   i’ve come into contact with two forms of amazing waters:  the ASEA Re-Dox Signaling Water (which categorically upgrades all cellular c(om)munication and immunity and sport performance/recovery)  and now, the Kaqun Water which helps all nutrients and micronutrients reach their correct sites in the body by way of resonancy.

i would LOVE it,  if you tried these homeopathic accelerators toward your own crystalline healing transmitter;  your body…and let me know what YOU experience.   Onward to higher spiritual vibratory levels!   Man may not live on bread and water alone,  however,  ilg is getting pretty close using the Sacred Water of ASEA and the Vitamin O Water of Kaqun!   😉

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Blessed be your Practice…



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