pic:  ilg working my Blessed Beads, just like you…i pray!   photo by Joy Kilpatrick
Dear Coach,
You instructed me to reverse at the Meru Point so as to never complete a full circle. Do I count and finger that bead, or reverses on the bead next to it?Coach Responds:

• GREAT QUESTION!!!  reveals true Practice!

 tis true to Tradition; the way the Buddha worked His beads is the Way that ilg has and continued to practice and coach to others…you DO COUNT the Meru Bead, then, reverse the circle to continue the counting/chanting….
head bowed,
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don’t know what a Meru Bead is?
don’t have a Blessed Mala?
don’t even have an idea of what WF Online Training under Coach ilg is like?
better Begin Again

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