dddyup…you guessed it…

our lil’ Rinpoche Rascal Dewa totally scored s(om)ething which we food-stamp-dependent, yoga-teaching family could not afford:
the following benefits to the PowerHouse Science Center here in Durango (to which the Ilg Family generously donated toward during their initial fund-raising efforts):

  • Admits 1 person + 2 years old and under
  • Unlimited visits
  • 10% off in museum store & at our seasonal Powerhouse Eatery
  • 10 % off Birthday Parites & Summer Camp Programs
  • 2 free guest passes


all of this because of this picture from Dewa which nabbed 2nd Place in a…well, let me just let you hear it from the Horse’s Horse’s mouth:

“Dear Joy and Steve,
I taught your daughter during a Zumba Kids class at the Mindful Kids day camp back in early August,
Dewa was delightful!
We danced, and then during the art session the kids were asked to paint/draw a portrait of themselves dancing.
The attached pic is what she drew…”
please enjoy Dewa’s Award Winning Pic (which is now my current Dewa Screensaver):


2 Responses to “Guess Who Just Iced 2nd place in Art C(om)petition?!”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Steve, Congrats to Dewa, Joy and you on her great award. She’s a natural. Maybe some day I can teach her the game of golf. Love to all, Kendo

  2. coach says:

    if my precious daughter s(om)ehow managed to learn golf under you?!
    that would in-deed make:
    1) a great blog,
    2) GOLF IN THE KINGD(OM) a reality!!!

    10,000 Dharma Blessings upon you…

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