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ilg, as photographed by renown photog, Marc Romanelli,  circa 1995 near Santa Fe, New Mexico…drilling some nordic inline skills well before, ahead, and still beyond the grasp of most Turtle Island Fitness Warriors…”They speak of being ‘Cross-Fit’…come…let them study with me for a week or two.  i’ll even spot them my age…” = coach ilg




“All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed.

Third, it is accepted as being self evident.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (born 1788, 1860).


feeble ilg is reckoning on this Knight of nights as the Sacred River heralds her 1,500′ cfs ujjayi sound outside my office h(om)e,
that i may well be an emanation/re-incarnation of Der Schopenhauer…

for over 35 years now, i’ve done my best to live, practice, and forward the Truth of Wholistic Fitness® to a largely unlistening, distracted-by-glossy-illusions Turtle Island public…

First:  (years 1981 -1985) ilg was ridiculed for inviting such obscure, fringe disciplines such as meditation and conscious nutrition into the scope of outdoor athletic training

Second: (years 1985 to present);  i would substitute “copied/bastardized for the sake of money” in lieu of “violently opposed”… i could expound here, however, one of my Guru’s:
the Dalai Lama, taught me, that if you don’t have anything kind or helpful to say, don’t say anything.   guess you’ll need to wait for my Biography to find out the real deal of WF behind the CrossFit®, and all the legions of others’ braggart thrusts of fitness triumphing over WF….

Third:   still waiting for the Warriors of Kali Yuga to WAKE UP and find WF…so resplendent,  so intelligent,  so…perfect for what needs to bec(om)e the National Fitness Training System of Turtle Island…


thanks for choosing to Sweat Here Now…





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