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Camp Itinerary: 

Wednesday, Oct. 15 – Orientation/Initial HP Yoga® Prop Workout (come ready to sweat)

Sunday, Oct. 19 – Intro to Athlete Zazen (Mental Training)/Training Prescription Review/Strength Training Program Clinic

Wednesday, Oct. 22 – HP Yoga® Prop Workout = Nordic Specific

Sunday, Oct. 26 – Athlete Zazen into Ski Poling/Hill Repeats/Plyometrics

Wednesday, Oct 29 – HP Yoga® Prop Workout = Alpine Specific

Sunday, November 2 – Athlete Zazen into Spin into Ski Poling/Endurance

Wednesday, November 5 – HP Yoga® Prop Workout = Nordic Specific

Sunday, November 9 – Ski Poling Wholistic (Endurance & Power)

Wednesday, November 12 – HP Yoga® Prop Workout= Alpine Specific

Sunday, November 16th – OPTIONAL:  High Peak Ski Poling Adventure


Register at Front Desk of DURANGO RECREATION CENTER…

first come, first served;  limited space!



• Willingness to be READY when the Sacred Snows fly!
• cheap Nordic ski poles, about armpit high
• running shoes
• cold/wet weather clothing
• completion of this Training Application

The Winter Athlete by Steve Ilg
• MAP Amino Acids and COMPLETE Vitamin/Mineral available HERE

fire away at:
steve (at) wholisticfitness (dot) com




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