Ilg Meditates


“…many have the predictable (if not obbessive) capacity for high intensity sweat….how few, however, have the equal intensity or capacity to Sit Still?”

Wholistic Fitness® by Steve Ilg, because Specialization is for Insects…


When you meditate, breathe naturally, just as you always do.

Focus your awareness lightly on the outbreath. When you breathe out, just flow out with the outbreath. Each time you breathe out, you are letting go and releasing all your grasping. Imagine your breath dissolving into the all-pervading expanse of truth.

Each time you breathe out, and before you breathe in again, you will find that there is a natural gap, as your grasping dissolves.

Rest in that gap, in that open space. And when, naturally, you breathe in, don’t focus especially on the inbreath but go on resting your mind in the gap that has opened up.

– Sogyal Rinpoche

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