Monhegan Snapshots

Not a Place to Do (5)

But a Place to Be, Deeply (7)

Working my way H(om)e (5)

A time to reflect (5)

On waves, oceans, and sunsets (7)

Ripples Do Make Waves (5)

My legs are heavy (5)

But my soul and spirit soar (7)

Thank you Monhegan (5)

The Milky Way glows (5)

Shooting stars light the ether (7)

The vastness astounds (5)

Blue so deep and free (5)

It rains warmth and abundance (7)

I breathe in and SIGH (5)

Ai Imawa sings (5)

Sacred tones of sun and sea (7)

Mind and breath are one (5)

The sun sparkled sea (5)

Gull Rock rises in the mist (7)

And Isaac smiles (5)

Towels on the line (5)

Ingesting the warm sea air (7)

You can smell the sun (5)

Even when it rains (5)

The Island reveals its charms (7)

Deeper shades of green (5)

Why do I write these? (5)

Practice freedom in constraints (7)

Five Seven Five STOP! (5)

The Householder knows (5)

Truth is hard on the subway (7)

Never stop trying! (5)


 by Allen Ludgate, Master Student of WF,  NY.   pic of L’Gaté cranking to a high finish in Pfalz_Point_2007

Allan Ludgate

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