“Finding harmony between off, pre, and race seasons is a difficult dance that tends to simplify over decades of wholistic training, ”  – Coach Ilg



May I ask a training question? I have followed and embrace your book, but I am wondering if you have a recommendation of what to do during a race season (that just started and has ~9 weeks left)? For example, am I cosmic yang-ing my way through the first half of the season then Jeweled Lotus my way through the finish? Or do I just ride my pants off?!?




limit Cosmic Yang to no more than 4 consecutive weeks; then Jeweled Lotus as your maintenance program through the race season simply substituting your race season riding for the prescribed Cardio in the Jeweled Lotus.   i also offer Monthly Focus online training for $175 if you’d like a more customized, dialed in program…great question and keep cranking!  oh, but keep your pants;  safety first!  😉   Blessings!

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