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Dear Coach Ilg –

i first got turned onto your work from TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION…as an artist?    I have got to say that your body of work c(om)pletely (as you would probably write it!) revamped my entire way of thinking of  ‘art.’   So many who called ourselves ‘artists’ have little – if any – conception of what ‘art’ means when it comes to to transforming the current palette of our body/mind/spirit into a Higher Fitness/Consciousness as you have so beautifully demonstrated throughout your life;  you have changed everything from your sports, your paralysis, your writing, your everything and now, perhaps as the most exquisite and most recent brush to your life journey;  your fatherhood.

my big vice is NEWS!    yes, that’s right…news.    i feed upon headlines, articles, breaking reports…i know this must sound horrid to you..yet,  as you have Taught me, “We all have our addictions,  it’s just a matter of vibration.”

so,  if you’d be soooo kind to answer me this ONE QUESTION (i’ve enclosed a Temple  Tithe for your time and consideration):

where do you get your “Outer World” news?

stealing another line from you:

Head Bowed,


Most Precious Stacy!

THANK YOU for your letter!    LOVE IT!!!  LOVE YOU!!!

okay, well, as America’s ‘re-inventor’ of the Media Fast (1981),  you may be surprised that yes, i do know how Matt Lauer (???) is!
ilg will keep it short:

this is the only  News Station i tap into each morning (well, okay, not EACH morning, but pretty dang close!)

May it help you stay up on what the CURRENT events really are!

Eyes Open,  Stay Safe…

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