pic: today…gazing out over my former “office” of Eldorado Canyon…where i spent countless hours/days purifying my karma by way of ascending impossibly steep, unimaginably beautiful swallow-swept sandstone spires of 800’…How Stinkin’ Blessed Has Feeble Ilg been in this one, wild, precious lifetime?!
Keep climbing Higher, Noble Friends…tho the Path be Narrow and Risky? It is true to the summit…why float downstream with current? Rise Higher, Against The Current Toward The Purer Waters…all-Ways..

This M(om)ent….

Life will all-ways (for most of us) be a Mixed Mountain of exhausting/exhilarating karma…

0ur Highs will be soooo sublime that we may not recognize them until our Bardo Entry…
our Lows will be soooo chronically resurgent that we may only recognize them as ‘boredom’ and ‘stressful bullshit,’…

that is the thing about climbing Higher…toward the ethers upon which Brother Eagle soars.  from THAT perspective?  we can look down on our dramas and see it as it truly is;  Divine Comedy…

Big Medicine Day for feeble ilg..i re-visited after a couple of decades my old ‘office’ of Eldorado Canyon where during a decade i was engulfed in a tidal wave of sacred creation; where once i put up dozens of First Ascents which to this day, legions of rock climbers still monument my original ascents…oh, baby,  have things changed since my near daily pilgrimages to this unspeakably precious crayola-colored canyon hallmarked by a clear, wild creek rushing over still tumbling (though be it in slow-motion) boulders.

New buildings, old stream.  New trails with fancy markings, old stream.  New, younger climbers eager to test their kinesthetic skills upon old routes authored by my generations and even older ones upon which i stood to climb Higher.

Change is certain.

Character is fluid.

We create our selves into our next lifetimes by the routes we choose in this one.

Swallows still swirl the high dihedrals of Eldo…as the sacred waters still spill their Blessing within this soaring vortex of sandstone verticality.

I am older now.

Eldo still vibes.

Routes which i once danced up without a rope,  today made my fingertips bead with the sweat of adrenaline-laced endeavors upon these rocky heights.

Hum Sah.

It is what It Is.  i’ll never again climb these sacred overhanging walls of divine dimension like i once did.  Who cares?

i can still walk the trails beneath these monoliths and remember…

and breathe…



2 Responses to “Yogi Squat of the Week…This M(om)ent…”

  1. Ken Doyle says:

    Dear Steve, OOOOOOHHHHH HOW MUCH I LOVE TODAYS TEACHINGS! I will be thinking of you while I bring 3 brand new girl golfers out onto the golf course for their first lesson. YOU ARE THE BEST, LOVE kendo

  2. coach says:

    hey, how ’bout that newest kid on the block who just won Masters in record fashion!?!?!
    seemed to play with Buddha-like equanimity from start to finish…
    woulda done a WF Warrior proud!
    love you,

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