Today, teaching my 3rd generation of yogi’s through Steve ilg’s High Performance Yoga method at Dancing Spirit Community Arts Center in Ignacio, the beautiful capital of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe. Perhaps the Medicine Rains pouring in tremendous waves from Father Sky today ignited Contemplative, Cleansing, and Empowering reflections from over 35 years of seeding yoga programs, students, and teachers from coast-to-coast since the early ’80’s. Special thanks to Sharon Kay Koval Hunter‘s fantastic Director of La Plata County Independent Youth Performing Arts and to Native American celebrity athlete and yogini, Sandra Lee who was our Special Guest today, inspiring the kids.



Feeble ilg is humbled by the love from this new, young Wave set in motion by my humble Ripple of Service. My body of work; acknowledged or not, plagiarized or otherwise? Matters little to me any more. What matters is the m(om)ent…and the m(om)ent is all-Ways God. The m(om)ent is all-Ways Karma; creative (negatively or positively) or exhaustive. Head bowed…endlessly upward, onward, and ever inward…thanks for taking the Journey with feeble ilg! Blessed be thy Practice until Enlightenment…

APPROPRIATE ACTION NOTE:    yeah, my Rez Kidz aren’t using ‘real’ yoga mats like the ones my ‘peer’ yoga teachers and their masses of rich, mostly white, adult students are using a few mountain passes away up at the Telluride Yoga Festival…nope,  we hand cut these Emergency Material pads from a hardware store….wanna help get my Rez Kidz some REAL YOGA mats?  contact me at:   steve@wholisticfitness.com

head bowed,
spirit vowed…

your feeble teacher of nothing

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