dd dd2“Daddy?”
“Yes, Precious Daughter?
“What’s the hardest thing about being a grown-up?”
“Great question, Deh…hmmmm, probably just being yourself, not trying to imitate others. Creating your own Path and stayin’ true to it, no matter what. Man, you ask great questions, baby girl!”
“Thanks, Dad.”
“Thank YOU, Precious Daughter!”

We teach best what we need to learn most, as the saying goes.   Reckon that could be the anthem of WF Warriors as we are devoted to recognizing and developing not our specific strengths but rather our weaker spheres.   Such is the only true Path toward Wholeness.

feeble ilg inwardly laughs when people say that i am ‘good at so many things.’

for, to me?  it’s the very fact that i suck at so many things which has kept me motivated to keep exploring, finding and cultivating my myriad weak links and fragile confidences.

another Medicine Blessing of the Wholistic Fitness® lifestyle;   we release Attachment to what we are “good” at and take great, lifelong joy at gardening the gravity of our weaknesses.   not a common trait inherent to today’s modern fitness methods, is it?

love WF.

live WF.

woo WF for the rest of our Blessed Incarnation(s) until Enlightenment.


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