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who says an inhale is not High Prayer?

an exhale…a Karmic Cleanse?

feeble ilg reckons

most people have become Sheep – mediocre and incapable of mining spiritual depth from the seeming mundane.


because their Solo Practices and Prayers

have been replaced by…what?

social media? expensive yoga classes led by overly nubile, Prana-clad females?  addiction to jobs and money over quality time spent with Loved Ones/family?  fancy churches and temples?

Time for a little Raven Teaching from my Taos Pueblo Brother Robert Mirabal…read as meditation, feel the Space between the words, and recall how often you’ve passed a ‘simple, stupid Raven,” without notice in the past month…hmmmm…..The Teachings Are Everywhere…

Just Listen


Watch Your Step…

feeble ilg gives you:  Mirabal Man…



1) feeble ilg onstage with Robert Mirabal during a performance in 2013, pic by Sandra Lee
2) Raven as captured by ilg, Silverton, CO 2014
3) Mirabal Man and feeble ilg, post performance, 2013 by Sandra Lee.

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