Sitting Just To Be

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Cold, pre-dawn darkness…    (5)

Attentive to posture, breath   (7)

Sitting just to Be                       (5)


the moment i begin to teach meditation to a new student,  they usually ask about my own spiritual benchmarks.   i’m obligated not to share too much, for in doing so would only empower my ahamkara (egoic sheath) and color my student’s meditation journey which is not my SvaDharma (Sacred Duty).  my SvaDharma is to simply shine a Proven Light, based on my Teacher’s coaching of me and orchestrated by my own Direct Experience.

Sitting Still takes supreme strength.   you might think that after 35+ years of stalwart Practice,  Sitting Still (Meditation; the 4th of the Wholistic Fitness® Disciplines) comes easy for me.


still fighting the same ol’ fight to wake up;  Sit Still.  follow the breath.  ignore and/or explore uncomfortable sensations as they arise.  ignore/explore distracting ahamkaric waves.   follow the breath.  relax into the intensity of suffering.

and you wonder why it takes lifetimes to edge toward the zip code of Enlightenment?  who the hell is going to do this their whole life with only subtle fragrances of the Path Higher to charm the inherent suffering along the Way?

not many.

feeble ilg remains c(om)mitted.

no matter what.

Sitting Still for you,

{  }



pic of feeble ilg next to a statue of a REAL Spiritual Athlete by Joy Kilpatrick

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