Ilg Rev Master-1357


you know, a lot of cyclists and fitness warriors poo poo indoor spin classes (including myself at various points in my life), yet, can i EVEN TELL YOU how much FOCUSED FUN we are having in my Tuesday Night World’s classes each week at the Durango Rec Center from 6:30-7:30pm? i’ll be there each Tuesday until the Spring Time change to make sure you Iron Horse Bicycle Classic riders and racers get a quality workout and that a cycling-specific training effect is gained, skills learned, and focus is enhanced. our peleton (20 warriors and warrioresses tonight!) shares a sacredly fun hour along any one of our imaginary outdoor rides we do in the summer…stop by if you are willing and able…let me know if you’d like a video to be made of one of my classes for my out of town Tribal Brothers and Sisters…

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