A Student of mine asked, “Coach, what’s your definition of LOVE? It’s always been a question that I thought about for 37 seconds or so, but, now I ponder it a lot. I always see what those hallmark cards define as love. However, what does it mean in Wholistic Fitness?”

My response, “Love is all there Is. Love is the accumulated Divine Karma from our countless past lives which propels our Atman (Soul) into and cultivates the context of our next incarnation. Love is what bubbles to the egoic surface once we’ve scrubbed away Fear, Boredom, Judgment, and Anger. Love is what our final filaments of consciousness use as an astral bridge into the Bardo when we cannot manage another inhale this time around. Not very Hallmark-ish now, is it?! “

i’ve heard that the Inuit Native Americans (aka: Eskimo’s) have over 28 distinct words to describe what most of us know simply as “snow.”

feeble ilg has all-ways re-Minded myself, my students, and the chi-ld who chose to c(om)e through me that Love should at LEAST have as many words to describe it as well!

 — with Dewachen Catherine ilg at Purgatory ski resort, Durango Co.12512451_10208589061868428_6411431874236154595_n

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