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This M(om)ent…
Daddy and Dewa (8) as I continue introducing my daughter to my sacred vortices of my beloved Southwest…man, we had a blast…Blessed be your day, Precious is this life.

My neighbor told me a coupla weeks ago after i swerved my bike like drunkard from fatigue after a local cycling Time Trial, “Oh my God!  You are always exercising…i wish i had the luxury to always be exercising!”

WF Principle #1 engaged:   Conscious Breath and Posture.  my response?   none.  too tired.  if ilg is too tired to jump upon a Dharma ripe m(om)ent like this one to explain to my neighbor the reasons why exercise is NOT a luxury, but a necessity?   well, you know, ilg is trashed.

Very few like to see anyone succeed in their choices. John McEnroe, the great tennis champion said, “People love success.  They hate successful people.”

These are a few things that have worked for feeble ilg, and I’m sure you have others in your bag of tools:
1. Communication, clearly and precisely is important.  For ilg?  This has meant being strong in my stance;   For In-Stance (instance) means much more than we may think.
2. A Great Partner Is In His Or Her In-Stance – he or she can handle her own piles of crap with or without you.
3.  My children need the best teachers that I can offer  – so my choices should be environment, strength, inspiration, and the patience to understand.
4. Everyone has a soul purpose – when we find it is when we finally are born. How can you offer anything to anyone if your soul purpose is lost or not yet found?  I have seen teenagers with a soul purpose and I have seen a 68 year old who has never even contemplated theirs until their dying breaths, living someone else’s soul purpose, thinking it’s theirs until thrown out on their own.
5. Meditate; Taking refuge inwardly from the outer world is a must to find solace in our mind, so tossed and tussled in too many words attempting to orchestrate society

the Extra One:  Forgiveness.  that’s been my hardest one i have to say.   Many have taken, stolen, and abused my Teachings and in the outer world, they are so successful.  Yet?   “All karma is God.”  and the (Human) Race toward Enlightenment is not over yet.   We’ll see.   We’ll see.  Forgiveness;  so easy to speak.  So hard to live.  Ask MahaYogi Jesus for more details.


head bowed,

spirit vowed,

your teacher of no-thing

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