“Panta Rhei” said Heraclitus…
everything flows, and you cannot step twice into the same stream…
okay…nearly ALL the time,  people just crack me up.
“OMG!   Look at your abs!   How old are you?”  thundered the likely (obviously) intoxicated voice from a female fellow hot-springer at the Pagosa Hot Springs Resort this past Sunday.
“Uhhh…in Gregorian Calendar age you mean?”   i asked back inwardly knowing that her response should be interesting….i had just finished hammering 3 out of the 4 events of the Pagosa Winter Quadrathlon, ending with a 22k road cycling Time Trial in a high altitude version of Belgium-like weather (snow/rain/wind) and still could not feel my index fingers from being exposed to the wind chill and freezing rain, my body convulsing in shivers,  totally over having spent so many decades in the high peak winter cold and wind.   my body and ego wants Hawaii.  my Highest Spirit wants Tibet (again).
“W…What did you say?”   she intoned meekly, temporarily losing her buzz from my rhetoric.
“54 this May,”  i replied cutting to the chase.
it’s a funny thing, living and Practicing Wholistic Fitness® in Kali Yuga, isn’t it?
i mean,  the simple Practices and Principles we may take for granted as WF Practitioners?   an equally simple Google search or a peruse of our Junk email or social media reveals an almost frightening lack of spiritual depth as we ply our unconditional observation within our many in-counters; cyberly (yup, made that one up too!) or personally.
Yogi squatting, brushing our precious teeth mindfully with our Non-D(om)inant hand suddenly arises as near genius as we listen to the ever-increasing amount of intellectual bullet point-heavy podcasts from LifeCoach’s, Buddhist-trained yoga teachers, this-or-that Certified This Or Thats, etc., etc., etc., blah, blah, blah as these Experts condition the mainstream toward believing that they Have Truth.
Most have never even toed a Start Line of a 5k Fun Run,  let alone touch the zip code of how i Engage Wholeness
Truth, a 5,000 year-old yogic scripture states,  is  like a shattered mirror…each piece reflects a fraction of the Whole…
a Fraction…
well, the Fractions are being picked up and marketed by purveyors of  the Grand Illusion, an Illusion created by $ and Marketers.
stick with Wholistic Fitness®.
no matter what.
i have no Marketing.
i barely make Rent each month and food for my Precious Family.
i live WF.
WF has created and continues to carve a tremendously deep  and sacred place not just within feeble ilg, but within YOU, my daughter, my fans and friends Along The Engaged Wholeness Way.
we are working on a WF Tribal Gathering…probably in the Fall…
our new Website will be activated soon…
will you c(om)e?
your feeble teacher of nothing ‘cept Engaged Wholeness…since 1981

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