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ilg performing Leg Extensions using  the Wholistic Fitness® Standard Staccato Technique which really ignites the quads, meanwhile, note the WF technique of not holding onto the machine, which engages the core to stabilize the movement resulting in my maxim;  “Less is more…”   pic by Mike Powell in my book, The Winter Athlete.  WF Strength Training is so profound, it causes a transformation of all other aspect of body/mind/spirit.   

Hello coach Ilg,

I not sure if you remember me, but you trained me for college wrestling back 15 years (or so) ago, and we chatted at Ron Jones’s wedding.  I worked with you and Joseph Sheader.  I just wanted to let you know, that as I’ve aged (I’m now 40), I’ve come to really appreciate the things you taught me…….stuff that was and still is light years ahead of anything else I know of.  I can still enter a high level high school wrestling room and compete with the kids, and podium in a Mt. 10K or single-speed MTB race.  I have been surrounded by many great coaches in my life, but I owe much of what I’m proud of to what learned from you….how to find calm in the pain; posture and breath; not letting the ego put too many plates on; being a better coach/parent/husband.  When my life has been out of balance, or I’ve injured myself, I can clearly see where I strayed from the path.
Cheers to your life’s work.  Back squat into leg press into jump squat, will open up all kinds of inner doors.  
In respect, as I head off to jiu-jitsu.  I’m glad to hear you made back to Durango!
Joe Gutcher
Bakersfield, Ca


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