3 more days…till ilg see’s again for the first time in a month the Precious Daughter Who Chose To C(om)e Through Me…it’s been beyond brutal not hangin’ with my Highest Rinpoche, Training Pardner, Friend, and Rascally C(om)panion which i’ve known throughout countless lifetimes…Daddy is counting the minutes, nay, seconds until I can feel your warm, small, yet immeasurably powerful embrace…man, i miss you, Baby Girl…..






my temporary (and now third in my condo) puja on the kitchen counter devoted to Dewachen’s Safe Return…you can instantly fling ALL of my 3-decades plus training of Non-Attachment Teachings straight out through the Front Door/Window/Whatever when it c(om)es to the Daughter That For S(om)e Reason Chose To C(om)e Through Feeble Ilg, cuz ilg NEEDS THIS GIRL TO GET BACK SAFELY TO MY ARMS!!!  




Last physical memory I have of Her…c’mon h(om)e safely to Daddy’s embrace…

those of you that know ilg’s Life Story (this time around) realize how many hardships i’ve over(om)e with the Blessed Gudiance of my spiritual lineage…however, being away from Dewa for a month?!! DUDE…just paralyze me again instead…it’s waaaay easier to overc(om)e then this void!

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