For those of you still living in an Outdoor Fun-Compromised town or (worse) city?  A little reference is perhaps needed.

eBike = Electronic (aka: Pedal-Assisted) Bicycle capable of helping you pedal to 20mph before the motor turns off

eMTB = Electronic (aka: Pedal-Assisted) Mountain Bike capable of helping you pedal to 14mph before the motor turns off

yeah, that’s right…America’s current 1st World Problem in outdoor-oriented towns and cities is all about Electronic Bikes.   Kinda hate to tell ya’ll,  but motorized bicycles are here to stay.

i could feel the Astral Shift and see the writing on the wall two days ago…i was riding, huffing and puffing, up to 12,800′ on Engineer Mountain Pass;  a super tough 90+-minute mountain bike climb up a gnarly 4WD track gaining over 3k of vert.   about a k from the summit, a group of ATV’rs throttled past me (i had pegged my effort trying to stay in front of them for the past hour), some of them shouting, “You’re my hero!” while guzzling a beer from their motorized vehicle choking my feeble, yet noble uphill self powered effort with exhaust pollution…

as their dust passed, and before the next inevitable motorized vehicle came up behind me forcing my heaving heart, lungs, legs and skill control to lose the only good line up the consistently 18% tricky climb,   i thought to myself,

“It’s only a matter of time before the next Most Awkward Dharma Moment arrives in my outdoor life.”

See,  your feeble ilg has seen A LOT of changes across many outdoor sport technologies over the past almost 4 decades.  I’ve competed in 7 World Championships in 5 different sports since 1981.

Pretty much?

All of the ‘great technologic advancements’ in outdoor sports equipment has also come with spiritually crippling side effects which will influence my daughters life and the many (hopefully) other generations after hers.

You reading this for instance.  You are likely sitting in a chair because, well, it’s easier than sitting on Mother Earth, right?   Kinda like a motorized bicycle.  It’s easier.

Well, Feeble Ilg is still Here Now to warn you;  Travel SLOW and Be Lucid With Forethinking Awareness as you travel down the whole eBike thing.   Sitting in a chair shuts down our hips, decreases suppleness at our most vital energetic center(s), and creates cold lethargy within our digestive fire.

My daughter may soon walk into my favorite bicycle shop and what does she see?

Beautifully polished Electronic Bikes next to, well..pedal-only bikes.

Which is she attracted toward?

This my Noble Friends, may well be another seed of pacification of spiritual intensification.

Can you See the decades ahead?!   Can you Feel the decades?!

As i self-pedalled toward the summit pass at nearly 13,000′,  the passing motorized vehicles were not only forcing me and my bike off my only best line up the endless headwalls, they were spewing noxious gases and dust into my face as i struggled to keep my bike upright,  i REALLY was trying sooooo  hard to ‘clean’ the whole 90-minute+ ascent which would be a HUGE inner, spiritual victory for me…yet this caravan of motorized vehicles were decimating my muscle-and-lung-and-leg-and-spirit effort.  On the pull outs of this world-class jeep path paved first by Burros?  i counted 4 piles of human feces and/or urine with used paper towels like cairns marking the entropic spiritual decay of the decades ahead.

“It’s just a matter of time before an eMTB rider passes me on one of these passes,” i thought to myself.

what an awkward mOMent that will be…the dude that will pass feeble ilg one of these days way up high on a motorized bicycle will likely be much younger than pedal-only ilg….

he’ll force me off my line…as his motorized bicycle comparatively whizzes past my heaving, breathing self…

he’ll glance at me…


give me a Thumbs Up as many of the other Motorized Vehicle riders do at these lofty altitudes…

and that M(om)ent, my young friends?

will again, signal yet another spiritual downgrade to human potentially according to the Outdoor Sacred Sports Continuum.

feeble pleads;
Go SLOWLY with Awareness for the precedent we set for our younger ones…

it took me 4 years and 2 attempts to free climb the Northwest Passage up Half Dome (6th free ascent) in Yosemite Valley.

i can no longer travel that terrain.  and that’s OKAY.

IT’S OKAY,  in fact, IT’S SPIRITUALLY VITAL that we not have ALL TERAIN accessible for EVERYONE!   E-bikes open up a WHOLE LOT of terrain for the under-trained which degrades Human Potentiality towards Enlightenment and a Higher Level of Wholistic Functioning for Humans…

my idea’s have been poked fun of since 1981…like when i went public and said, BE AWARE OF WALKMANS…and now, today?   Thousands have died and continue to die from Distracted Awareness while engaged in external gadgets…

eBikes are another manifestation of external gadgetry…

Please,  understand;  yes,  bicycles can be made more utilitarian,  yet?  For many of us?  Bicycles – self-powered – remain Sacred.   Motors displace Sacredness.  It’s okay to grow old and less capable. It’s natural.  The whole Baby Boomer Growing Old And Thus Rationalizing External Support?

I sit, legs folded in Padmasana each morning,  until i can’t.



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