unknown-1The accomplished yogic Masters were keen about conserving vital energy or Prana.  One of the largest ‘leaks’ of our Life Force according to the Enlightened Ones?  Idle conversation and thinking.  Excessive talking or (these days) time on silly social media wastes Prana.  Our words and actions should be exact, purposeful, and kind.  Using sport performance, yogic, family, or even occupational goals can be engaged to keep us focused on Higher Aspirations to help all Beings in All Realms.

pics: this weekend concluded my season-long DWC Championship Series against 35 of Durango’s strongest cyclists.  though i rarely rode my bike save for the races,  thanks to my Practice of Wholistic Fitness® including our High Performance Yoga® sessions I managed 4th Place AG and 10th Place Overall against the sport-specific cyclists at age  54.  Pretty stoked at keeping the Dance of It All alive!  Blessed be YOUR Practice and YOUR Training and YOUR Performances!  
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