okay, okay…Traditionally? Historically? Yogi’s – especially the most feeble ones like your’s truly – are apolitical.

Mahayogi Gandhi kinda switched all that, and, well, that’s fine…(except for Gandhi’s ultra rich benefactor who said, ‘it costs me a fortune to keep Gandhi poor)…go sit in Meditation with It All…


i do have a personal/spiritiual/professional relationship with GJ…and i LOVE UNDERDOGS!!!

and,  i really have to BREATHE into Trust Funded kids who travel the World and offer all sorts of fancy retreats, adventures, etc…when really?

the REAL WORK remains HERE ON TURTLE ISLAND whereupon all their $ and dreams have been built upon Native genocide…

i know GJ…i know his tactical brain…Turtle Island would CRANK WITH CONSCIOUSNESS UNDER HIS C(OM)MAND! oh, wait? you still considering one of the Other Two?!

Uhhhh…ok….whatever…good luck with that!


Blessed Be Thy Vote…and VOTE!!!

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