AT LEAST: CONTEMPLATE ANOTHER CHOICE BESIDES voting for the “Lesser of Two Evils.” Americans are inculcated (okay, brainwashed) into two opposing camps: If you’re not with us, you’re against us. But put into Engaged Appropriate Action all those Shared Spiritual Inspirational Graphics i see on your FB posts and THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 300+ million Americans certainly don’t fit into two neat party lines. 64% of Americans wanted to see Gary Johnson debate but the Republican/Democrat Dictatorship completely censored the possibili13125014_10209191311324288_1185056822676633832_n

i used to spend a LOT of time contemplating about my 3rd Party choices over the decades (hey, Honest Abe was a 3rd Party candidate)…this year?  soooo easy!!!   i mean really?  voting for the ‘lesser of two evils’??!   not ilg, not EVER!  my friend and fellow multi-sport athlete wh(om) i voted for last election?  was the EASIEST, HAPPIEST prez vote i casted since voting for the most Buddha like American President ever;   Jimmy Carter!   

ty!!! For ANY warrior athlete, spiritual warrior, or yogi? remember: Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil and therein lies the Samskaric impression. ilg could not live the rest of my life trying to explain to Dewa why her father voted for either a liar or a predator. Hey, HERE IS A FRESH IDEA: why not vote for someone you can TRUST in? My friend and fellow multi-sport athlete Gary Johnson provides a candidate to vote for, not against. Sure, he has tendencies, traits that you might not vibe with…who the hell doesn’t!??! At least? He is HONEST as the snow upon which i’ve skied several peaks with him up and down…i know his breath, his soul force, and as a resident of New Mexico under his Governship?


Dewa and i taking a recovery walk after our collective efforts (both of which resulted in podiums) during the Chama Chili Classic last season…Gary Johnson as President?  would put FITNESS FORWARD and perhaps even appoint ilg as our National Fitness Director and we would have Wholistic Fitness® as our National Fitness Path…THIS – YOUR VOTE – is precisely how rapidly our outer world can change! 

He was the best NM Governor EVER, and that is a looooong history. C’mon; be as happy inwardly as was i when i casted my vote for the only c(om)mon sense Presidential candidate on the ballot: YOU, WE can CHANGE the political landscape for the WAAAAY HIGHER for our kids, THIS ELECTION!!!! VOTE GARY (especially parents)!!!! oh, and for my global students and fans of Wholistic Fitness®? there IS that little fun almost fact that? GJ will make me National Fitness Director…can you IMAGINE our kids growing up in schools with the Five Fitness Disciplines and 4 Lifestyles Principles of Wholistic Fitness® integrated into their Being!??! c’mon!!!! WHAT YOU ARE THINKING VS. WHAT ARE YOU FEELING IN YOUR HEART ABOUT YOUR VOTING CHOICE!?!??!screenshot-2016-10-18-18-47-31

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