This M(om)ent…
Bittersweet, surreal emotions swirled as Dewa rode chairlifts for the first time with a friend instead of Daddy…what’s next? My car keys?! Om Ami Dewa Hrii.. Letting Go ain’t easy…

Noble Sangha,
i took the above pic today…that’s Dewa (9) on the left with her friend Isabella up at Purg.  This M(om)ent touched my heartspace enough to contemplate a Higher Purpose of  ski areas like my hometown resort of Purgatory.   Thus moved,  i wrote the following letter to the new Owner of Purgatory who has poured millions of dollars back into the area to make it focused for the skier, instead of the prior managements’ priority of selling real estate.   i wrote the letter as a practice of Wholistic Fitness®’s 3rd Lifestyle Principle;  Appropriate Action.

Blessed be thy Practice,


Most Noble New Purg Leader James,

got this pic today of my daughter Dewa (9) and her friend, Isabella.

it was the first time Dewa had ridden a chairlift with someone besides myself.

these two girls skied until close, their laughter and squeals shaking the icicles from their snowy branches.

got me thinking that this very scenario, replaying itself through generations (including my own)…

may well be Purg’s Highest Purpose:  the creation and cementing of lifelong childhood memories, friendships, and

inner fortitude.

thank you for bringing Purg back to the skiers…

maybe see you again at tomorrow’s Community Thanksgiving Dinner!

head bowed,

spirit vowed,

coach steve ilg

(aka:  Dewa’s Daddy)

ps;  would be honored to frame this pic and put it up in the PowderHouse, with your Blessings…

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