pic by Sandra Lee;  Daddy and Dewa downtown Telluride, engaged in the following Dharma Talk after slayin’ it on the world-class slopes of T-ride on Saturday…


“Yah Baby Girl?”
“Do you know what my hobby is?”
{breath-filled pause by me…}
“Uhmmm, hmmm, that’s a tough one…I reckon you got lots of hobbies…”
“Nope. Just one.”
“Really? Just one hobby, eh?”
“K…{another breath-filled pause by me…we have a lot of breath-filled pauses in our Clan}…Horses?”
{Dewa giggles}
“Daaaayd?! Seriously? Horses are NOT my hobby! They are my LIFE!”
“Oh, yeah, of course…k, just tell me, what IS your hobby?”
“Being friendly.”
{i immediately pick her up, squeeze her probably too hard, hug her deeply and kiss her}
“GAWD i love you!”
“I love you more!”
“Nothing is impossible because even the word ‘impossible ‘ has “I am possible” in it.”
“Oh my God, however did you get to be so wise so young?”
“Well…I AM YOUR Daughter!”


the Patanjali Sutra’s – considered the Guidebook Toward Enlightenment by most yogis – spends many, many sutra’s describing in detail all these detailed pranayamic (breathing), pratyharic (sense withdrawal), dharanic (sustained mental concentration) and dhyanic (meditative) techniques that a Seeker can employ toward Enlightenment, then, in one short(cut) He simply said in my own translation: “Or? hec, you can just practice Friendliness (maitri)”

There you have it. When feeble ilg passes into the Bardo C(om)petition? ilg truly prays that at least you’ll re-Member ilg as all-Ways being Friendly…just like the Daughter wh(om) chose to c(om)e through my feeble conduit….

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