God granted feeble ilg two strong arms.
Connected to two strong legs via a well-conditioned core and a Meditation-empowered mind all of which was (had to be) developed after I was paralyzed. The other day ilg was Blessed enough to use my strong arms for a fist pump and a grasp on a(nother) crystal chalice from the Leadville Loppet. Accept our weaknesses as our Guru’s? And there is no reason to further pollute our Father (Sky) or rape our own Mother (Earth) by faraway travels to Tibet, India, or Costa Rican yoga resorts in the stupid pretense of deepening our sadhana (though, in so doing sure impresses our FB Check In! Oooh, more Ego!). Instead? Feeble ilg suggests staying rooted. Go deep not wide. Wide equates to shallowness. Depth creates genuine Sacredness. Then again? What doth feeble ilg know? No-thing whatsoever. Thank God! Blessed Be Thy Sadhana!

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