So many new Warrior/ess Students!!! THANK YOU for re-Membering our Sacred Sweat Tribe!!! Maggie, Kathy, Anna, Janet, Shannon, Erika, Jenny, Marlee!!! feeble ilg cannot tell y’all how sacred it is to share my Proven Path via the Ancients with you! honored, humbled…at your Service Toward Wholeness Endlessly! WHAT AN AWES(om)E CLASS TONIGHT!!! Namah!!!!


Who KNEW that after my intuitive drive in-formed me over 35 years ago that if i wanted a ‘job’ that forced me Higher into my own Sadhana i would have to create my own Path…(eventually morphing into www.WholisticFitness.com)…
and…in having chosen and stuck with through hell and high water, the Path Self Created?

ilg feels such immeasurable sacred joy as new students who seek the sincere, sacred sweat find feeble ilg through karma and absorb my humble offerings toward wholeness…

feeling a million times beyond Blessed…let ilg die any breath…this incarnation? CRANKED HIGHER than ilg ever imagined because of YOU!!!




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