ilg saddled up again this morning and it kinda felt like feeble ilg got a Divine push during today’s Club Ride…fared waaaay better than yesterday…top 8 on the HC after leading the peleton into the climb, then sticking like a rabid badger onto the 8-man lead group on the way back – 28 mph into a block headwind – fell off with 4k to go, yet TT’d it to the finish before the Chase Group could catch me…a whole helluva lot focused fun and suffering for free again in my Blessed Hamlet full of Hammerheads!!! finally starting to find the cycling chi from ski chi…tough transition! Blessed Be ALL Wh(om) Choose To Sweat Each Day!!!

pic: Daddy ilg giving what must have felt like a Divine Push to Dewa more than a few years ago…the elbow bandage and gravel rash on my right shoulder was from a 30 mph crash on my mountain bike from the Pagosa Dauthlon…still won…Unknown-37

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