Noble Sangha!

it’s kinda weird;  WF uses what the Outer World would term as Supplements (Sunrider Whole Food Herbs or SR +BodyHealth or BH) as our CORE NUTRITION…thus allowing us to enjoy the comparatively feeble physical foods bought from the market as our calories, tastes, enjoyment…

if it’s ONE thing feeble ilg has learned over the past 35+ years of being a world-class multi-sport athlete, yoga teacher, and coach?   it’s how to eat ACCURATELY and SIMPLY…

SUNRIDER Sacred Herbs: 

still dividing SR Sacred Herbs into  Cleansing & Fat Loss/Cell Empowerment orders.  Joint/Strength Support  and Skin Care seem to be 2 emerging categories within our Sangha… (reckon cuz we’re all getting older!?)

basic Cleansing/Fat Loss order and intake

•) Fibertone1-3 caps before bedtime;  adjust intake until you are pooping FIRST THING in the morning-sparked by Calli Tea or Coffee, this leads into Early Morning Ritual

•) Vitadolphilus  take as directed on label

•) Fortune Delight + Sunny Dew drink continuously throughout day

•) SunBars  for rapid, safe fat loss;  eat one or two SunBars as a midday meal replacement

basic Cell Empowerment order and intake

•) VitaShakeonce package per day, or to feel like Superman or Wonder Woman (or ilg);  step it up to twice per day.  whole body tonic.

•) Quinary or Liqui 5  take as directed on label.  supports all 5 physiologic systems like nobody’s business!

•) Calli Beverage at least once per day…the original drink of the Shao Lin Monks,  need more be said?

basic Joint/Strength order and intake

•) JOI + ESE world-class support for nourishing joint conditions from the inside out

•) SunBreeze Balm   took ilg from the Wheelchair of paralysis to…well…you know the rest!   2x Cover Athlete of OUTSIDE Magazine.  this is my GO-TO HEALING BALM!

basic Skin Care order and intake:

•) Oi-Lin Skin Care Trial Set take as directed on label.   amazing.


we can divide our reliance upon BH in the same way as SR, except simpler:

basic Cleansing/Fat Loss order and intake

•) Optimal Weight Management

Formulabesides using a homeopathic way to drop fat,  this ingenious formula also resets our hormonal balancing systems! take as directed on label

•) Intestinal Cleanse  some of my students respond better to Fibertone/Vitadolphilus,  some respond better to this more Western formula;  both designed to MAKE US POOP

first thing in the morning!

basic Cell Empowerment order and intake

•) Perfect Amino ilg’s biggest go-to of all time;  wipe everything else away?  ilg would keep this product at the top spot of my nutritional Podium…bar none!

•) Calm this baby packs 325mg of Magnesium to provide an unmatched proprietary formula which results in optimal uptake of Perfect Amino while bestowing a

graceful night’s sleep!

•) Complete + Liver De-tox   oh, there are a bunch of multi vit/minerals and liver de-tox supplements out there, yet NONE c(om)pare to this one!   this product is my 2nd Place Podium!


if forced?

if ilg had to select only 3 of the many products to best c(om)mand my physiology if i could have 3 products to take with ilg into the Alaskan bush?

ooooooph!!!  SOOO TOUGH, yet,  here it is:

1) Perfect Amino from BodyHealth

2) Fibertone from Sunrider Herbs

3) Calli Beverage (+ Sunny Dew)

to order:

SUNRIDER HERBS – go to www.Sunrider.com

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sponsor ID:   Steve Ilg

sponsor ID #:   00081735

to order:

BODYHEALTH – go to www.WholisticFitness.com

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spirit vowed,

coach steve ilg, cpt/uscf/ryt 500




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