using her Daddy’s coaching counsel to ‘Use your arms like Pegasus Wings to fly downhill!’ Dewa is captured here by HP Yogini, Caroline Eastburn as we approached the Finish Line…meanwhile? ilg fights the ego as ilg looks at this pic and see’s an old, fat guy trying to keep up with his daughter! Ha!



A few hours after a Age Group win and a 5th Overall at one of Durango’s local mountain running race test pieces? Dewa shows off her wholistic capacities alongside her M(om), Joy Kilpatrick during their final performance at the 2017 10-Minute Plays…


FEELING SUCH GRATITUDE for Dewachen (10) and her ever-growing Wholistic Fitness® capacities!

She is totally raising the bar her Daddy set many decades ago when it comes to Human Wholistic Capabilities! Soooo proud of her!

Okay, so, our Race Day Tactics backfired on us today:

As we shivered in the quasi-warmth provided by Chloe Snowflake’s (my Rav 4) heater we – well, she adorned in nothing but tights and a singlet and ilg in shorts and a slippery Race Shirt from my Chuska Challenge win a few weeks earlier – talked Tactics.

“But Daddy,  i thought you said this was not an important race, why do we need Tactics?”

“You are so right, Baby Girl,”  ilg replied,  “any NEW race is a  re-con.”

“What’s a re-con, Daddy?”

“A re-con is like the word, Reckon…you are not sure.  so, what do you do?   you test it out.  today?  we are just testing out this race for you to see if you wanna really train for it.”

“I get it, Daddy.”

“I know you do.”

we stepped collectively out of the blowing heater warmth of Chloe Snowflake into a Race Start Time Temp of 31-degrees with our minimal clothing.  we both had many friends huddled like a flock of multi-colored Peacocks at the Start Line.

our race tactic was simple:

•) stay in front of the dogs ( this was, after all, a race to help support unwanted Dog Beings) and many of the 5k racers had Dog Beings with them

•) stay relatively conservative with the Leaders in sight on the 1.5-mile uphill,  then?  with Dewa’s 65lb and very agile abilities?  let her downhill running skills take out anyone in front of her.


If you want to make God smile?  make a plan!

Dewa HAMMERED without even pushing herself (cuz, my coaching counsel was to run conservatively with effort to the turn-around) into 3rd place Overall (both mens and ladies!) we both high-5’d at the top, cuz?  we knew – okay assumed – that we could catch the two in front of us and maybe nab the Overall!   we began flying, no, soaring down the rock-strewn sinew of trail that ilg has known and sacredly sweated upon my whole life (used to live at the base of Animas City Mountain…she was ilg’s go-to workout mountain).  



“Yeah, First Daughter?”

“I’m cramping…”  D, close to tears… we walk…hand in hand…

Fast Forward;   a lot of Coaching Dharma involving Love, Trust, Letting Go, and Cheering for the other racers that now pass us as Dewa has to walk instead of soaring down…

we drop from 3rd Overall to 5th…

ilg doesn’t push my daughter,
ilg carresses her down the steep slope, making sure to draw metaphysical lessons from losing the Podium along the lines of “if you lose?  don’t lose the Lesson,” type of thing.

by the time Dewa sniffs the Finish Line?  well?  look at the pic…she re-found her Chi and was flying across the Finish Line…ilg’s old foot speed could not match her Finish Line kick and ilg smiled at It All…the Dance of Lila…

How Stinkin’ Blessed Is Ilg!?!?!

Wholistic Fitness® NEEDS to be our National Fitness Training System!!!!

Will you help me?



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