Day 5 of Trailwork (yup, feeling it!);
Sugar-to-Skyline Connect is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! Go burn her in! She is already riding awes(om)e with our test rides!!

May my Daughters’ generation enjoy and Benefit fr(om) my Sacred Sweat on this precious trail and their Daughters’ generation and all forthc(om)ing generations until Enlightenment!

Teaching Core-into-Spin tomorrow at the Rec Center from 8:15a-9:45a! Please c(om)e!!!!

Steve Ilg special gratitude: Mary Monroe Brown,Travis Brown, Seth Furtney, Sarah Zoey Sturm, Jonah, Tim, Sam, Louie, Carrie, Anna (HELLU job on that crib wall!), Jeff Vierling for creating Tailwind Nutrition that pulled feeble ilg through these Trailwork days !

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