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SUPER SPECIAL feeling around our humble, powerful temple of Sacred Sweat Warrior/ess’s today!!!

our precious yogini, Nizhoni Dinéh Nico Montano has just bec(om)e our plane(t)s FIRST EVER Native American Woman UFC FLYWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPION!!! ilg writes this now fr(om) Nico’s H(om)etown of Farmington, NM where her dad was a legendary fighting coach.

So, among the chronic, dismal news of how the Navajo Nation is awash in obesity, diabetes, et. al? THUS ROSE fr(om) among our Sangha; WARRIORESS Nico!!!

Nico now joins another HP Yoga® Navajo yogini to break cultural barriers via High Performance: Sandra Lee (Beclabito, NM) also used HP Yoga® to become our plane(t)’s FIRST EVER Native American Female to qualify for and c(om)pete in the USSSA Snowshoe National Championships at Bend, Oregon in 2013!

feeling pretty stoked right now; ilg has kept my wholistic inner and outer Practices strong enough to be a Feeble Conduit to keep attracting and re-Membering with such Noble Warrioress’s as Nico and Sandra…and? ilg has several other Native American’s now taking study and sweating in Practice each week along ilg’s Path of Wholistic Fitness® which includes High Performance Yoga®…. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!!! CONGRATS NICO!!!!

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