pic: with more podiums across more sports than any other mountain yogi on Turtle Island over the past 3.5 decades of racing and performing,  it may surprise you to learn that your feeble teacher of nothing,  NEVER gets ‘sore’ from training,  only racing… here is why…


Most Noble Wholistic Fitness® Sangha,

here you can be a Fly On My Temple Wall as i coach an online student’s question about muscle soreness as he begins my Strength Training-heavy off season training prescription for CX racing: 

Student:  What is the protocol when sore?



1) Cellular:  after 1 month of consistent intake of Perfect Amino and Complete your cells will be in an ongoing state of positive nitrogen balance and neural/mineral fortification which great reduces DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness)

2) Pranic:  use UJJAYI Pranayam as much as possible during training;  Ujjayi dissipates the tendency to become acidic very effectively.

3) Mental:  omit the word “Sore/ness” fr(om) your thinking mind, instead replace with “feeling well-trained,”  knowing that you are bec(om)ing stronger will help on many Levels.


see number 2 above and KNOW that your ‘soreness’ is a positive sign that you are attending to your eccentric (yin) contractions with appropriate form!  yeah!


1) rely on my Medicine Spider® inversion/backbend routine (contact me to order: steve@wholisticfitness.com)  to allow your lymphatic and venous system to vent and thus mitigate accumulation of lactic acid and other fatigue toxins associated with DOMS

2) CyroTherapy and/or Massage/Bodywork

STUDENT:  For example, today my abbies were sore

COACH:   new and improved WF Word Choice:

“today my babies were FEELING WELL TRAINED!” 

STUDENT:     after doing HP yesterday.  I expect my legs will be sore

COACH:   new and improved WF Word Choice:

“I expect nothing.   however,  perhaps my precious legs will still be feeling WELL TRAINED  when leg day comes! 

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