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ilg’s celebration and awards presentation at the DUST2 Fat Bike Race this morning


And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
– Nietzche

got the Win this morning at the highest elevation Fat Tire Bike Race ilg has ever done:  Start Line was at 10, 618′ and after the Start Gun went off?  we climbed immediately up and up and up for literally and figuratively 2.5-miles before our first chance to give our heaving lungs and burning legs a bit of a respite.  your feeble yogi finished 2nd place in this race (though at a categorically different venue challenging categorically different skills) and ilg wanted to set the record straight this year.  there were two races;  Short and Long…the Short was 5-miles c(om)pared to 8-miles last  year.  coming off my Sliver Medal Overall at an ever HIGHER Venue and a much more difficult, longer effort; the Leadville Loppet Nordic Ultra Marathon,  ilg felt ready to give a much shorter race full gas and see what happened.


ilg’s arse end at age 55,  showing it to decades younger athletes and still getting Overall Podiums across several sports…
one day?
the outer world will Awaken to  Wholistic Fitness®…
until then?
maybe feeble ilg will just keep taking Overall Podiums across myriad sports until and beyond ilg is 100! 


big time shout out to Olympian and fellow native Durangatang, Trek-sponsored athlete/product developer; Travis Brown.  TB hooked ilg up with a carbon-fiber test bike with tires so wide you could plant corn rows on them.  on this bike?  which ilg named, Mr. Dipples – taken fr(om) one of Dewa’s horse names because the audaciousness of his tire width leaves huge dimples in the snow…well, let ilg put it this way,  after 10-minutes of climbing,  TB put in a surge at a pace so high, none of us were willing to follow.  ilg was in 2nd at the time of TB’s surge, just wheel sucking and sucking in air through my balaclava like a fish thrown up on an Arctic shore…

ilg topped out on the snowy climb in 4th Overall and then? a super scintillating descent which required Vonn-like high speed focus saw ilg recapture 2nd place overall…

then the Dance began again as we did laps up and down the stratosphere of sacred snows.    at the time it arrived for Short Course ilg to leave the Long Course racers,  ilg was in 2nd place with 3rd on my wheel… a surprisingly significant gap lead back to 4th.

SURE ilg woulda LOVED to continue the Long Dance!

had GREAT SNAPPY LEGS and Willing Lungs…

yet,  had to finish Business and get the Overall Short Course V …

and ilg did,


ilg did what it took to Toe The Start Line…

and that, My Noble Friends Along The Higher Path?


to the Meditation Cushion
the Yoga Mat
the Neti Pot
the Iron Temple
the Interval Sesh
the Conscious Breath and Posture
the Mindfulness
the Appropriate Action


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  1. coach says:

    this race is a fundraiser for developing trails and training for Pagosa Springs youth – as a former resident of Pagosa and the creator of several youth programs and projects there? ilg is HONORED to keep supporting this organization which is called; DUST2
    please support them if you can!

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