yup, what an HONOR!  took charge of feeble ilg’s 5th Grade St. Columba MTB penultimate ride at the new SPUR LINE TRAILS at 3 Springs!   ilg BOWS DEEP to all the amazing super-over-worked parents who did what it took to deliver and pick up from my remote start/finish at Three Springs’ new SPUR LINE Trails!    ilg thought this would be the ideal venue to work on (safely and fun-ly?) our continuing skill sets:  today was all about fluid flow control and UPHILL SWITCHBACK fundamentals!




First up on this evenings’ agenda?  a super rad presentation by my long-time friend and fellow native durangatang and my own personal bike mechnic;  Derek Forenza of Animas Cycles; a mobile – yeah,  he’ll come to YOU – bike shop who gave a world-class presentation on BASIC BIKE MAINTENANCE to our kids from his most AWESOME mobile bike shop!. our kids eyes?  were WIDE OPEN during his presentation,..




twas off to a warm up on the very cool Pump Track:


our precious kids LOVING LIFE on the Spur Line Skills Track before our endurance ride!




Dewachen ilg drilling the lead on warm up and, due to a participants off day?  Took over Deputy Coaching duties on the rest of the ride as precious Assistant Coach B helped Student Justin back to the TrailHead as he was not feeling well…



great pic of Noble Student Justin during warm up before he had to pull the plug due to not feeling well…
happens.  J will be back for our final Training next Wednesday,  ilg is SURE!


Noble Student Ridge is ALL ABOUT the BMX part of MTB’ing!



IMG_5800 IMG_5799

Two great shots of Derek, owner of Animas Cycles,  volunteering his precious TIME, VEHICLE, and EXPERTISE to GIVE BACK to the next gen of Durango’s unmatched cycling legacy!


that m(om)ent when you realize,  deeeeep within your precious 5th-grader soul force?
you are doing things that are special, unique to the human spirit and can transform lives!



K, on this pic?  ilg just gotta say,  ilg gave an Uphill Switchback Cornering Clinic and used this turn as model.   One of ilg’s FIRST most important instruction in the navigation of an uphill switchback?  LOOK WHERE YOU WANT YOUR BIKE TO GO during the Approach, Entry, Mid-Turn, and Exit of a Switchback.   Shown above?  Most Treasured Student A is looking toward Cameraman (ilg) and NOT at her EXIT PATH,  yet?  Gotta say?  this precious participant has shown flawless focus, gumption, and verve all throughout my camp!



Stay Low, J-low!!!    Student Payson TOTALLY assimilating my coaching counsel!:  ilg sees a SOFT INNER ELBOW,  FINDING THE TRACTION FRIENDLY OUTSIDE GRIPPY EDGE, and doing her BEST to keep CHEST-TO-BARS!   LOVE IT!!!




K…Noble Student Ridge is REALLY FEELING ilg’s coaching here at the apex of the turn!   note his low, chest-to-handlebar position and his forward gaze (bike follows gaze) and he has totally hit the wide, grippy surface of the outside turn!!!  LOVING THE WIDE-yet-SOFT ELBOWS!!!



So,  if you are a parent of St. Columba 5th Grade MTB Program?

  1. THANK YOU for doing what it took to get and receive your precious Chi-ld from my remote start/finish at Spur Line Trail Head!
  2. ask your Precious One,  “Did you have Focused Fun during your MTB Camp ride this evening?”    “What was your most memorable moment from the ride?  Tell me about your fears and your joys during the ride!”  
  3. would LOVE to have you take abiding interest in having your Precious Chilld re-iterate the Uphill Switchback Teachings: Approach – look ahead, look for a wide, grippy entry.  Save a BURST to pedal thru  Mid-turn…SOFTEN your INSIDE ELBOW and POWER THRU!



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