pic by Sandra Lee:  had run 3,000+’ vert to just under 12,000′ on techy terrain and?  well, still had a couple thousand of feet to descend to get back to Chloe Snowflake (ilg’s precious Car Being).   hit this peak bag after two days of hot, hard Trail Building and Single Daddying a sleepover for Dewa (10)… all things considered?  nailed this 3-hour peak bag pretty stinkin’ Go(o)d!  feeling solid.   C(om)ing up;  running with Dewa in the Kendall Mountain 11K;  training her to take over her Daddy’s torch in this traditional tune-up race for IMOGENE PASS RUN;  one of the Three Sacred Sweat Pilgrimages of WF which ALL true WF Devotees do!    



“This body, bhikkhus {Noble Students}, 
is perishable, consciousness is of a nature to dissolve, and all objects of clinging are impermanent, suffering and subject to change.”

– Itivuttaka 77


thing about Nature?  She is All-Ways PERFECT!

thing about Human unenlightened Nature?   It’s All-Ways IMPERFECT!

feeble ilg struggles to Teach more about the above two sentences.   this morning, ilg laid upon a blanket of wildflowers nearly tickling 12,000′ after running up to Them fr(om) 9,000′.   well earned rest.  all around ilg was perfection.  nothing was missing.  nothing was awry.  just Nature.  pure, simple, complex and mesmerizing in Her Beauty (see ilg’s FB/IG video posted today).

thing is?  if our Practice is not intense?  if our intent is not pure?  how different are We Who Practice from those who do not Practice?  Ha!?  if a layman, say, a homeless person has intense aspiration to rise Higher and whose conduct is wise (many of ilg’s most engaging Dharma conversations have been with the homeless)… the obvious question arises:

why is this any different fr(om) being a monk?


head bowed,
spirit vowed,

{  }


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