“Great things are done when {wo}men and mountains meet…” 
– William Blake
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  summit selfie: feeble ilg and Dewa

yesterday atop the Dinéh Sacred Peak of the South; Tsidool (the Turquoise mountain).

Dewa (10)  SLAYED the round-trip fr(om) the Ski Transition of the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon to the summit and back in one hour, fifty minutes!  that’s over 1,200′ in two miles up! 

“Yeah Baby Girl?”  i exhausted as She all-too-quickly asked after HAMMERING the descent
“Remember your HP Yoga® Class you taught at our Wholistic Fitness® Kids Camps this summer?”
“Of course, Babe…”
“Well, i could REALLY feel and make sense of your classes as we were running and grinding.”
“Awwww, Babe!   That means A LOT!!! THANK YOU!”
“No, thank YOU, Daddy!  You are the BEST!”
“No, YOU are!”



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