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this morning:  6th Place AG on a Course Profile that was not steep ’nuff nor techy ’nuff to suit  your feeble teacher of no-thing…yet?   finishing off the podium inspired, spiritually, ilg way more than if ilg did… Whatever you want? Wants you!   ilg wants the Sport Specific’s cuz?  ilg knows by 35+ years of experience?  the sport-specifics stand ZERO CHANCE against a capably trained Wholistic Fitness® Warrior/ess!   And?  Ultimately?  In the Bardo Entry?  Sport Specificity will get you, uh, maybe a Cricket’s re-incarnation.   Wholeness however? That’ll gain you Amitabha Buddha’s Realm of Dewachen whereupon we get to go UPWARD on all our own Self Cultivation efforts gained in this lifetime under the direct coaching and Transmission of Amitabha Buddha!   





Reckon if we are afraid to lose ANYthing we have?

At s(om)e point?

Yup,  we’re gonna lose it.

The Dog.

The Chi-ldren who s(om)ehow chose US to c(om)e through.

The House (or apartment or tent or whatever you got going on).



The Bank Account (or lack thereof).

and,  yup, Fitness.

Physical Fitness.

That great quote by Blake, “Energy is eternal delight.” 

We WILL lose the Physical Energy.  
Today, for instance, your feeble ilg was again re-Minded of that fact during a trail (almost) half-marathon which covered 1,800′ of vert in 6-miles to 10,800′.
Your thewless teacher of no-thing finished 6th place AG (50-59…ilg is 57); time spent in penitence upon my sacred ski mountain since ilg was a kid; 2:15:10.22.   47th out of 200.  pace was 11:16/mile.  speed (if you can call it that) was 5.3mph.

2 years ago (on a shorter, less demanding course) ilg ‘ran’ :30 faster per mile and finished 3rd AG, 25th OA.

Yup,  statistics don’t lie, though – and ilg is sure you are not of this bent – rationalizations are quick, clever, and nearly endless to explain our most recent failures to attain outer or inner podiums.

Forget all that.   Because?   Thankfully?  What remains unconditionally exempt fr(om) the loooooong list of things we have that we are afraid to lose yet will?

Is our Spiritual Progress this precious Time Around.

Yeah it sucked totally that ilg actually ran faster than two years ago today and instead of a podium tale to tell my daughter?  Had to justify a 6th place.  Weird, ain’t it?

What did NOT suck totally?  Was ilg’s Noble Effort.  It’s our Noble Effort, taught Buddha, that creates ‘samskara’s‘ – indelible soulful imprints which tend to act as astral/causal plane catalysts for our next incarnation.

Did feeble ilg lose you?

Still? After such an elegant array of online and printed teachings since 1981 about the spiritual transformative capacities of Sacred Sweat?


ilg…such a paltry teacher.   May God bless ilgs’ samskara’s in my attempt to bridge Western Sport/Fitness to Eastern Spiritually.  Thought by now?  Ilg’s work would have been the B(OM)B among ALL age groups!

That’s why ilg still puts out the Noble Effort to gain podiums across more sports each year than most even half my age can even do!

Yet? Folks these Kali Yuga Days do not recognize or honor genuine athletic (aka: wholeness/yogic) capacities.

So,  today,  5 other guys beat ilg (narrowly).  How many of them immediately transitioned into a playful chaperoning of outdoor activities and swimming as did ilg for not one, not two, but 3 HOURS immediately following my race for 4 children after my race?   Hec,  ilg saw the guy in my AG who finished just in front of me nearly passed out getting a massage as ilg’s arms were tugged upon by kids warranting to play which ilg did!   And yah,  no WAY ANY of those guys that finished in front of ilg today, would even FANCY the notion of coming to my yoga class this monday!    They are LIFETIMES AWAY fr(om) Wholistic Fitness®!

Point is:   WHOLENESS is what MATTERS MOST!

Most focus on Physical Fitness, yet?  Physical Fitness peters out.  At s(om)e point along an athlete’s or a yogi’s life?


The shift from Physical Fitness to Pranic Fitness is a Shift that even our most educated Western doctors, healers, and educators miss.

Prana:  Pra = First  Na = Measure.

Prana is the First Measure of Life Force.  The Pranic Body is a FAR more efficient system of energy than the paltry muscle/oxygen system.   It’s like a Ferrari to that of a, uh, Volkswagon.

To build your Pranayamic Engine?  You must go to an experienced Pranayamic mechanic;  a yogic teacher who beams across the physiologic capacities of strength, cardio, yoga, meditation, and c(om)mand of nutrition.

You learned about it here first.  Since 1981.  Fr(om) a broken back, self-healed paralytic who still remains unmatched in Wholistic Fitness® and is still out there, toeing the Start Line among my own students… getting it done








head bowed,

spirit vowed,


get OUT and DO

so as to BE!


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