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Utkatasana Pose:  Source, Yoga Journal.


Utkatasana Pose:  Source, feeble ilg’s actual High Performance® Yoga public teaching class. pic by Wayne Williams, LA.


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Utkatasana Pose:  Source, feeble ilg’s personal yogic practice enroute to another Overall Title at age 54 (two years ago). pic by HP Yogini, Sandra Lee.

Utkatasana;   Studio yogis may be more familiar with the term, Chair Pose for Utkatasana. yet? in Sanskrit? Utkata means, “fierce” and ilg teaches it fierce because? well? yoga c(om)es from a warrior lineage. we should keep it so, not water down this great 6,000 year-old Warrior Lineage to naught more than pampering peoples egos.

When your feeble teacher of nothing was left-sided paralyzed?

It was nearly a default mechanism to psychospiritually retreat into ‘wishing’ my situation was different and ‘hoping’ it would change.

Fortunately, ilg was already trained by my Tibetan Teachers to activate my OWN divine powers of Self Healing…

decades laters, having self healed and going on (and STILL GOING ON) to set unprecedented outdoor athletic records among both the ‘normal’ athletes and ‘special’ athletes?    ilg has Realized by intense direct experience that…

Hoping and wishing are excuses for not DOING!
Your broken-back yogi ilg suggests:
hoping  and wishing with visualization and self-faith.

that is all…

see YOU out on the Start Lines and all-Ways train for the Finish Line;  especially this precious human incarnation’s Finish Line;  our last exhale into the Bardo.

Need Wholistic Fitness® Guidance for YOUR unique Journey Higher Toward Wholeness and Enlightenment?

let ilg know…ilg knows a Steep and Direct Path, proven for nearly 40 years…

head bowed,

spirit vowed,


coach ilg

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