“The most beautiful place in the world,
is always
inside each of our own heads.”
– Maisel 
pic today:  Dewachen Ilg ready to shred s(om)e sweet, high, Colorado snow and have the experience steep her 17-trillion cells in spiritual bliss…
pic by ilg at Wolf Creek Ski Resort
when ilg lived in LA, it seemed rather, somehow, uh,
less spiritually intrusive.
yet, now that ilg’s once very humble one-horse town is being invaded by affluent others from everywhere,
it hits ilg especially hard in my spiritual heart.
ilg speaks of all the fancy, usually white, folk speaking of how BEAUTIFUL was their most recent trip to Tibet, Italy,  Croatia, wherever.    dig deeper into their trip recollections?  nothing really dharmically valuable.   usually, the rationalization for not really being able to speak of anything deeply spiritual about their 10,000 x 10,000 heavy carbon-footprint upon Mother (Earth) and Father (Sky) seems incredulous to ilg;  “Oh, well, we really weren’t there very long,”.    
ultimately, we have no choice but to feel what we are feeling.
ilg wants to feel Sacred.   ilg feels Sacred within the Four Sacred Posts of my h(om)eland.
the Outer World seems hell bent on inculcating us into thinking, oh man, if i don’t travel the world and post social media pics from all these cool places?  i am nothing.
well, thankfully,  those of us within the Wholistic Fitness® lineage have Awakened enough to realize that the most beautiful and sacred place is, as Maisel so exquisitely put it, “inside each of our heads.”   
thus?  ilg is NOT about having my daughter’s Passport stamped by as many countries as possible by her 18th birthday.
instead?  ilg is about having my daughter’s head filled with Loving Memories of wholistic adventures of sweat, stillness, creativity, and family/clan.
Listen To It:
when we travel the Outer World?  our understanding is wide, yet shallow.
when we travel our Inner World? our understanding is deep and profound.
if you have made your Outer Worldly travels important?
notice that they are not important and heavy on our Earth Mother and our Sky Father.
they are also often detrimental to physical and spiritual fitness;  especially the skill set that is most important;   the one which requires deeply rooted
 meditations for your own Death Entry (Bardo), and for the unconditional Serving and Loving of All Beings In All Realms.
when ilg is with the daughter wh(om) chose to c(om)e through ilg?
ilg is just WITH HER WITHIN our Sacred Four Peaks, loving Her, laughing with Her, sweating alongside Her,  doing schoolwork with Her… The Outer World will endlessly shi(f)t upon itself;  our Sacred Duty as Human Beings is the work of Self Cultivation.
that is what WF excels at;  the Inner Work of outer Workouts.
if you are NOT an Online Student of WF?
bec(om)e one now… lots of training to do before our Bardo Entry…
to see a fun vid of Dewa’s and my first day of the season alpine skiing two-gether at Wolf Creek today?  check my Facebook or Instagram
Blessed Be Thy Sacred Sweat,
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