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You know?  Durango’s City Leaders/Servers get a LOT of anger thrown their way every day,  publicly and personally.  Especially during voting seasons. Yet?  By feeble ilgs direct experience through my pioneering and wildly embraced Durango City Employee Yoga Classes?  ilg knows by way of weekly Sacred Sweat that my native h(om)etown Leaders/Servers (who choose to take my yoga class on their lunch hour!)  are supremely focused, polite, obedient, humble, humorous, super Aware, highly disciplined, intelligent, compassionate, and gregarious.  And? They could probably kick your you-know-what, because ilg knows how STRONG, SUPPLE, and FOCUSED they continue to bec(om)e.   Fact is?   Our Noble City Leaders/Servers (yup, ilg is training a few of our Police in this precious class)?   Are among the most valorous students ilg has had the privilege of serving over my 35+ years of teaching.  So?  If you are gonna hammer my City Leaders/Servers by an easily-quilled “Letter To The Editor” to pass integrity judgment on them?   1) Know that it has been and remains a genuine highlight and deep honor of mine to give back to my c(om)munity by helping Wholistically the health and well-beingness of our precious City Servers,  and that 2) before you so easily tap out that Letter of Lambast against your City Leaders/Servers?  Best ask yourself first;  what is it that I DO EACH DAY (or week, or month, or ?)  TO HELP MY C(om)munity?!

That is all.  Head bowed, Spirit vowed…


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