pic just hour ago by your feeble teacher of no-thing… Twilights, San Juan Mountains…



when ilg became one of Turtle Island’s first fully sponsored climbing athletes (rock, ice, and high mountains)?   one quote really drove ilg to do – which remains untouched by this day – things on the rock, ice, and high mountains that pioneered the new “GoPro” mountain/outdoor athlete celebs of today:

it went like this:


“Better to die in the flower of youth, on the chance of winning a noble name,
than to live at ease like the sheep,
and die unloved and unrenowned.”

don’t know who said it,


that one quote drove your feeble teacher Higher than ANY normal and FAR HIGHER than any self-healed paralytic that can be researched today.


so yeah…

ilg has a new Yoga;  ilg’s M(om) who will turn (God willing) 90 on January 2nd,  finally returned h(om)e to Durango after ilg and ilg’s younger brother, Craig (also known as Two Man… nother story) did what it took to save M(om) $3k in moving costs to get Her back to where She shoulda never left over 35 years ago (hey, we ALL gotta make our own unique Life Journey’s to Learn what we need on this Precious Realm, right!??!).

ilg is now primary Caregiver/taker and dare ilg say, “receiver” for ilg’s M(om)…   now,  a whole new chapter of ilg’s lifelong preaching of WF arises to a WAAAY HIGHER LEVEL than ANY extreme sport, ultra sport that ilg has podium’d upon!

now?  ilg’s Zazen is in the rolling up of my M(om)’s precious pajama sleeve as we take Her evening blood pressure,  it’s in ilg’s Mindful practice of hanging up another one of Her seemingly endless pictures and/or fragile this-or-thats upon her new walls….there is the shopping with Her,  “Oh, Steve, are they going to let you into the Market looking the way you do?”   what takes ilg minutes to do,  now takes hours.   Breath and Posture.  Mindfulness.  Appropriate Action.  Practice!

aye!   the 4 Lifestyle Principles of WF Rise Again to save ilg’s spiritual skin in this new Beginning Again role as Caretaker…

wish ilg Go(o)d Luck…


THIS should be interesting!

gotta go check on ilg’s M(om)…


Love Is All There Is!

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