Most Noble Sangha!

yeah, so,  well, most of y’all are Following ilg on Social Media

{“Daddy, just write ‘SM’,  OMG, NOBODY writes OUT ‘social media’ anymore!”}  –  Dewachen (11)

so, you know that ilg drilled it as hard as my overly tele’d legs fr(om) skiing fresh pow could muster for an all out 10k Freestyle Race on Saturday… made a tactical error;  throwing down a HARD uphill sprint effort to get into 3rd going into the Playing Card Transition (you gotta watch my video on my SM to understand) and paid too high a price at that altitude and eventually stumbled into the finish in 5th OA…   after the super soft snows at the Langlauf Nordic Marathon,  ilg’s body turned a corner and really is not desiring much more intensity after going hard each week racing since November.   got one more uphill/downhill race this weekend, then,  MAYBE ONE OTHER IF ILG GETS ANY MORE SPONSORSHIP MONEY:

yes!  here’s $ to help ilg get to and race one more Ski Mountaineering Race in Steamboat Springs this April:



so, the thing about living in Durango and another reason  WHY we produce more OLYMPIANS/WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP competitors per capita than ANY OTHER TOWN in America?   Wholistic Geologic/Climatic Diversity.   Yeah, dat’s right,   Wholistic Geologic/Climatic Diversity.

see,  we can train way up high like where ilg raced on Saturday:



drive an hour southeast and?

recover in the WORLD’S DEEPEST GEOTHERMAL HOT SPRINGS at a posh resort that costs locals (and seniors like ilg!) only several dollars!



the THING about being a pro and/or Highly Sponsored Athlete
(and ilg has had the privilege of being just both of those for probably?   as long any other outdoor athlete…)

is that the common athlete thinks,

‘oh well they get paid to train hard, i don’t!’


what Pro Outdoor Athletes get paid for?

is to TRAIN, RACE, and….



yeah,  RECOVER!!!!

there are probably MILLIONS of outdoor athletes that TRAIN JUST AS HARD AS THE PRO’s and/or SPONSORED ATHLETES,

yet?  y’all don’t get PAID to recover!   y’all gotta suck it up and get back to WORK instead of kicking your feet up at at Hot Springs, or on a coach to play Fortnite, or watch YouTube…

the PROS are as awes(om)e as they are because essentially?

they get paid to RECOVER when YOUR sorry ass is working…

head bowed,

spirit vowed,


ps:  ALL the more reason to MAKE SURE you are on ilg’s PROVEN PATH of CELLULAR REGENERATION!


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