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mere M(om)ents after earning Her 4th consecutive Honor Roll and Good Conduct Award,  Dewa shifted gears…

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and posted up over 7+ miles over a full on asphalt road while taking the time to help Her lower classmates during a 90-minute Fun Run Fundraiser to which ilg reached out to ALL of you on Social Media and only my 89 year-old M(om), my partner Sandra, and WF Devotee Caroline contributed…


Dewa ran Her precious HEART OUT to finish FIRST with over 42 LAPS!!!

next time Dewa asks humbly for your help in Fundraising?!??!  PLEASE help!!!

she is absolutely destroyed… yet, did what it took to raise funds for the school which produces the most academically successful students of Durango… ilg NEEDS YOUR HELP to keep Dewa attending St. Columba…

PLEASE take a m(om)ent and contribute ANYTHING

by clicking


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in case y’all haven’t noticed!?!?

We have a Tribal Rinpoche Leader in Dewachen who one day will take Her feeble father’s lifework soooo much HIGHER!!!


right NOW!??!

ilg is struggling greatly to keep Dewa in ilg’s h(om)etown,

ilg is struggling greatly to keep Dewa on scholarships to keep Her at St. Columba and get the wholistic sport performance tools of our Tribal Tribe…


if you are living c(om)fortable?

Bless US with any Tithe possible… each and every month,  your feeble ilg is beyond Beyond stressed at continuing to keep our Sacred Lineage operating and

helping thousands fr(om) beneath the Sacred Peak of DibéNitsáá…

contribute HERE

head bowed,


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