pics fr(om) today are screen captures fr(om) ilg’s social media vids… be SURE to follow!
feeble ilg’s outdoor athlete journey began at age 8 fr(om) ilg’s parents’
 house at the end of paved Junction Creek Road. these pics were taken within that precious upbringing place beneath the Sacred Peak of DibéNitsáá…  with so many non-locals moving
 into Durango (who probably have zero idea of what DibéNitisáá is, let alone represents?)
 reckon ilg’s yogic practice of Aparigraha (अपरिग्रह ) is gonna be more deeply tested in the
 decades to c(om)e.
in order to remain welc(om)ing to the  ‘invading masses’ and to set a Go(o)d example for ilg’s daughter?   
ilg draws upon ilg’s Navajo Clan, who know all too well the consequences of non-natives swarming native lands, and yet?  every day They strive to step up to elegantly swallowing 
chronic, jagged pills dispensed in myriad ways by these newcomers to their native lands.  


HP Yoga® helps ilg stay sacredly happy toward all newc(om)ers to Durango… can’t blame folk
 for wanting to move (their families) to more Beautiful Land!!! yet.. well, it’s not easy,  
mind you.  Nowdays? The cost of keeping ilg’s family in ilg’s h(om)etown is far steeper than
 any mountain ilg has climbed,  yet,  the Practice of HP Yoga®?   Is providing the inner and
 outer strength to Be Here Now.   Please attend ilg’s classes.  ilg’s family needs your support.  And,  well HP Yoga® is sooo deeply invaluable in soooo many ways!
 See YOU in the Warrior/ess Cave this week!   Don’t care WHERE you c(om)e fr(om)!   
Just care about your Warrior/ess Vibe to Rise Higher Toward Enlightenment!!!

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