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pic by coach ilg:  moments ago – Dewa crushing the beginning of the semi-tech uphill high point to Meadow Loop with fellow St. Columba schoolmate Annie, hot on her heels. 


Sangha Note:  The following is an edited version of what ilg just sent into St. Columba School as a follow up to my Week 3 MTB (Mountain Bike) Camp which occurs each Monday after school for about 2.15 hours…


Blessings MTB Camp Parents!

Week 3 was AWESOME!  We had only two Campers today, yet those two benefitted with a two-coach, two student ratio!  They benefitted GREATLY!   I had our most aggressive Game Plan thus far planned and the two Campers drilled it!  We got back to campus at 5:20p.  Highlights follow:
Sesh Location:
Horse Gulch
* took safest city street route to HGTH (Horse Gulch Trail Head)…worked on single and double pacelines.
* practiced urban hand signals and verbal cueing for clearing intersections.
Sesh Topic:
Uphill TT (Time Trial) Technique and Strategy.
* soooo much about MTB’ing is well, suffering on the uphills.  so, today, our Campers learned pivotal points – mentally, physically, tactically, technically, and spiritually – about how to best approach the often long climbs associated with MTB’ing.
* each Camper performed a pre-determined Uphill TT of around 4 minutes.  discussed wholistically their thoughts, feelings, observations, and questions at the Finish Line Regroup.
We then descending CABS singletrack and discussed/clinic’d any technical section the Camper’s had questions on.  we discussed pre-riding the course and visualization techniques.
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Pic by ilg; Dewa (photo L) and Annie playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who’ll race first in the Uphill TT…look at the natural beauty surrounding them!   You think for one instant that all of that does NOT sink into their cells and help format their wholistic life!?!?  Mountain Biking is NOT about the bike; it’s about the Beauty!  
Full Loop “Race”:
i then had the Campers have to put together both the uphill TT and the flowy singletrack descent into a race-like situation.
Each ‘racer’ learned about “tactical brain”, pacing effort, and optimal pedal cadence.
Each ‘racer’ earned a free scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins;  please tell owner Tai how much you appreciate her support of St.C MTB Camp!
After the uphill/downhill ‘race’ we enjoyed a fantastic Meadow Loop ride, applying the ‘racing’ techniques to recreational riding.  I pointed out several beautiful Flower Beings in bloom including Slant Asters, Lupines, and others.  THIS engagement with nature is truly what MOUNTAIN BIKING is ALL about!!!
On the final descent,  one of our Campers got cross-rutted and went over the handlebars, suffering a few superficial abrasions.  I had pre-ridden all of  today’s routes and intentionally went to the front before the cross-rutted section to slow the group down… yet, well.  MTB’ing ain’t easy and we all fall.  We used the accident as a learning experience and sussed out the technical aspects of the fall.
Parental Asking Points:
• What’s a “Grinder” climb and how best to deal with it
• What’s ‘scraping through bottom pedal stroke” mean and how does it help MTB’ing performance?
• When suffering up a long Grind climb, upon which should you focus your mind?
• When Descending?  Identify THREE MAIN POINTS to all-Ways keep the mind focused!
Next Sesh:
due to low rider turnout this week,  i’ll have to explore a couple of options to bring the other Campers up to speed.  Will likely include a hard effort or two along with a solid endurance ride across varying terrain.   Not great to miss even one Sesh… so,  I want to thank you Parents for embracing St. C MTB CAMP!
Head Bowed,
Spirit Vowed,
Coach ilg
818 590 2922

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