“i have c(om)e to dis-cover and re-cover time again, how sacredly sweating within the terrain of Mother Earth and beneath Father Sky unconditionally forces us to feel unguarded, vulnerable, unprotected.  It’s just this very fact – derived fr(om) Direct Experience – that c(om)peting and/or challenging ourselves in the wildness makes us stronger.”  
– steve ilg, DIRECT LINES, 1987
pic:   Dewachen, who paced Her feeble father for miles 1-2.5 during Saturday’s Kennebec Pass Race (15-miles w/3,100′ of vert),  smiles as She holds her daddy’s hand across the finish line of what was likely ilg’s 14th KPR in a time of 3:01 good enough to finish on the podium with HP Yoga Student, Eric Pearson!    
other HP Yogi’s who did KPR were:
* Eric Pearson; 1ST PLACE MENS 55+!  
* Caroline Eastburn:   1ST PLACE AG!
* Charlotte Lenssen; top ten of AG!  

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