YouTube is basically our new Temple Way of C(om)municating with me… you can C(om)ment,  ask questions, everything.   really trying to focus on
amplifying this YouTube Channel in 2020,  so please,   hit Like, SUBSCRIBE, and comment as you wish!  would LOVE to hear fr(om) you at Steve Ilg on YouTube!

Wholistic Fitness® and your feeble Conduit is alive and vibrating high on social media,  but not so much here.   This Teaching Blog will be reserved for special supplements to my social media feeds;  YouTube,  FaceBook,  and Instagram.    Follow WF and Ilg there.   My weekly vLog is easy to reach:  just go to YouTube,  search Steve Ilg Channel, and you got it.

Just be SURE to hit Like, SUBSCRIBE, and please  COMMENT as often as possible!  that is how we’ll Rise Again ever Higher!


here is a quick link you can bookmark to get to my YouTube Channel:

here is the Direct Link to ilg’s YouTube Channel:   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGaT1-jPjGPe9gZaZ7NGY0A


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