Most Precious WF Sangha!

received a question from a long-time Student struggling to remember a Breathing Technique that totally brings down an elevated Heart Rate and/or Mental Confliction…

ilg calls it; C(om)pression Pranyama or?  When ilg coaches my Middle School XC Runners;  the Compression Breath:

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 6.47.22 PM


Pic of a levitating ilg during another onslaught onto another Podium at the Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon; you can bet your bott(om) dollar that ilg defaulted to my C(om)pression Pranayama during the ski into snowshoe exchange which took place just seconds after this pic was taken…. 


C(om)pression Pranayama  (aka; Compression Breath)
this Pranayama is virtually unknown to Studio Yogis because it is only engaged after high intensity Cardio efforts (Z3 and higher) when it becomes
needed to lower the heart rate as quickly as possible.    Think here of a Jump V1 hill in a nordic race or Interval before a recovery downhill;  a perfect
time to use the C(om)pression Pranayama.
methodology:   at the end of the high intensity effort,
A) Flare both nostrils like a Race Horse and consume a Herculean nasal inhale, filling both lungs to their topmost chamber
B)  Quickly purse thy lips and exhale (rechaka) forcefully as possible to purge all remnants of preceding Puraka (inhale)
C) repeat this Dance between Flared Nostril Puraka into Pursed Lips Rechaka between 3-5 times.
this will astonishingly lower the heart rate even when in a downhill tuck for several seconds.
head bowed,
spirit vowed,
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